Custom Art Request Process

I try to make the request process as easy as possible.  

Step 1: Fill out the request form: Custom Art Request Form detailing your inspiration and design ideas

Step 2: Receive an email within 24 hours with request confirmation.  If any additional information or photos are needed to complete your request, it will be requested in the confirmation email.

Step 3: Mock-up Design - I will work with you to design a digital mock up that fits your personality and interest and matches your description in your request form.

Step 4: Invoicing - Once the mock-up is approved, you will receive an invoice for your custom art work.  Pricing is determined by complexity of design and materials needed.

Step 5: Creation - After payment is received, I will begin creating your work of art. Timing is determined by complexity of design. Average creation time is 5 business days.

Step 6: Approval - After your custom art work is complete, I will send pictures and videos of your finished piece.  My goal is that you 100% love your art.  During the approval process, you can request changes to your art work that is within your original request description at no additional charge.  If I am unable to make requested changes, I will create a new piece.  The approval process continues until you 100% love your art work.

Step 7: Delivery - After the approval process, we will set up delivery.  After you receive your custom art work and if you do not love your custom art piece, you can return your art work within 7 days (buyer pays shipping) and I will work on a new custom art piece at no additional charge.

Unfortunately there are no refunds on custom art work but I guarantee you will truly love your custom piece or I will create you a new piece at no additional charge.